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NSW Water Feature Corridor Dataset

File Identifier: 3F1FF3D1-122C-4376-A05F-E28E6882E070
Parent Identifier: 921D6586-8594-4473-A923-A446DEBF3336
Resource Type: Dataset
Responsible Party:
Organisation Name: Spatial Services | Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Position Name: Manager, Service Delivery
Role: Point Of Contact
Contact Info:
Delivery Point: 346 Panorama Ave
Administrative Area: Bathurst
Postal Code: 2795
E-Mail Address: SS-SDS@finance.nsw.gov.au
Online Resource: https://six.nsw.gov.au/
Metadata Date: 2015-09-10
Metadata Standard Name: ANZLIC Metadata Profile: An Australian/New Zealand Profile of AS/NZS ISO 19115:2005, Geographic information - Metadata
Data Identification
Abstract: NSW Water Feature Corridor is a dataset within the NSW Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). The dataset identifies undefined, tidal, non-tidal, and ocean features. It is associated with road name and road corridor anno dataset of the DCDB.
Purpose: Government agencies, utilities and others involved in land use planning, engineering, asset maintenance, and environmental analysis use this data.
Language: eng
Status: onGoing
Title: NSW Water Feature Corridor Dataset
Date: 2012-10-05
Date Type: Publication Date
Date: 2017-07-13+10:00
Date Type: Revision Date
Date: 2012-10-05
Date Type: Creation Date
Maintenance Information:
Frequency: Continual
Representation Type: Vector
Topic Category: Business and Economic
Keyword Collection:
Keyword: BOUNDARIES-Cultural
Keyword: BOUNDARIES-Administrative
Keyword: HERITAGE-Natural
Keyword: HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT-Liveability
Keyword: HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT-Structures-and-Facilities
Keyword: HUMAN-ENVIRONMENT-Urban-Design
Keyword: INDUSTRY-Mining
Keyword: LAND
Keyword: LAND-Topography
Spatial Extent:
West Bounding Longitude: 140
East Bounding Longitude: 159
North Bounding Latitude: -28
South Bounding Latitude: -38
Legal Constraints:
Use Constraints: License
Use Limitation: Access and Licenses are managed by DFSI Spatial Services, a unit of Department Finance, Services and Innovation creates and manages intellectual property (IP) for the Crown in right of New South Wales. Acquisition of this data is subject to the customer entering into an appropriate Creative Commons license agreement. To the extent that Creative Commons licensing applies, all data and other material produced by DFSI Spatial Services constitutes Crown copyright. DFSI Spatial Services has applied the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence. DFSI Spatial Services asserts the right to be attributed as author of the original material in the following manner:© Department Finance, Services and Innovation[date of extraction]. Additional terms for the use of DFSI Spatial Services material include that any derived products which are created will be required to clearly mark the date that any extractions from the DFSI Spatial Services Spatial Database occurred. All Intellectual Property (IP) which is owned by DFSI Spatial Services should only be loaded on any external cloud platforms if DFSI Spatial Services' Intellectual Property (IP) remains unchanged, maintained and preserved.
Security Constraints:
Classification: unclassified
Distributor Format:
Format Name: GeoDatabase(gdb), Shape(shp), Well Known Text(wkt), Data Exchange Format(dxf), Oracle(SDO), MapInfo(MID/MIF/TAB), Web Map Service(WMS).
Format Version: DFSI, Spatial Services uses FME Server Farm for manual manipulation, transformation and reformatting to meet client needs. WMS is Open Geospatial Consortium(OGC) protocol compatible.
Online Resource:
URL: http://spatialservices.finance.nsw.gov.au/mapping_and_imagery/lpi_web_services
Function: Information
Online Resource:
URL: http://globe.six.nsw.gov.au/
Function: Information
Online Resource:
URL: http://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/clipnship.html
Function: Download
Distributor Contact:
Organisation Name: Spatial Services | Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Role: Distributor
Contact Info:
Voice: 02 6332 8287
Delivery Point: 346 Panorama Ave
Administrative Area: Bathurst
Postal Code: 2795
E-Mail Address: SS-SDS@finance.nsw.gov.au
Scope: Series
Lineage: The initial capture of the DCDB data began in 1988 by digitising the best available cadastral mapping at a range of scales and accuracies in accordance with the National Mapping Council of Australia, Standards of Map Accuracy (1975). The data set was broken down into map tiles or partitions which were based on the 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 map sheet breakdown of the State. In more dense urban areas, the partitions were further broken down into quadrants until each quadrant contained no more than 8-10 000 parcels each. The position of the feature instance will be within 0.5 mm at map scale for 90% of the well-defined points. That is, based on the scale of the source documents, the positional accuracy of the cadastral points will be; 1:500 = 0.25m, 1:2000 = 1m, 1:4000 = 2m, 1:25000 = 12.5m, 1:50000 = 25m and 1:100000 = 50m. The source of the data was recorded in the metadata for each map tile or partition. During the initial capture phase, any existing control was identified from the Survey Control Database, standard cadastral and topographic mapping control. This control was used during the digitisation process to geo-reference the data. Additional control was incorporated as necessary to maximise spatial accuracy. This initial capture process was completed in 1994. Beginning in 2005, the data was migrated to an ESRI-based geodatabase. The database is constantly maintained or updated on a daily basis from registered plans (including E-Plan), registration of land transactions in NSW and changes in administrative boundaries as gazetted. The data is up-to-date to within 10 working days from when a plan is registered. Data is also sourced from Crown Lands, the Office of Environment and Heritage, the Aboriginal Land Council, Local Land Service Region (formerly Livestock, Health and Pest Authority), the Electoral Commission and the Department of Trade and Investment. The NSW DCDB upgrade program commenced in 2007 and is ongoing, improving the spatial accuracy of different feature classes. Upgrades are carried out together with the relevant Local Government Authority and are further facilitated through the incorporation of data provided by Local Government Authorities, Hunter Water and Sydney Water. Upgrade positional accuracy varies across the state and generally ranges from less than 5m from true position in rural areas to less than 0.2m from true position in urban areas, dependent on the Survey control available. Data quality in both Cadastral Maintenance and Cadastral Upgrade is assured through specification compliance and data topology rules. The client delivery database is automatically updated each evening with the changes that occurred that day in the maintenance environment.
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